Third Liebster Award for Lifestyletalks!


What can I say? I was super excited when I got my first Liebster Award back in January (2015). And this third, new award is no different than the first one! 🙂 It is such a great feeling knowing that someone -from the other side of the world- enjoys reading your blog !

I therefore owe Aleksandra from Gone To Texas a HUGE thank you for her time and kindness ! Aleksandra moved from Europe to the USA. If you love everything that has to do with cooking, baking, family, sharing, beauty and animals you should definitely check out her blog !

The seven about me, myself and I facts.

Here, I would also like to thank Laura Von Ka for challenging me to reveal some unusual things about me…

I must say, I’m running out of inspiration after 25 facts…. I’m in desperate need of adventure :)…

  1. Like you Aleksandra, I love animals. When I was little, my grandfather took me every once in a while to the farm. There was a little girl riding a large black and white cow. Who do you think was the little girl? 🙂
  2. I rode horse for several years.
  3. I don’t eat meat anymore.
  4. I’m going to the gym 3 times per week.
  5. A few summers ago, I went mountain biking with a friend. I was a bit too enthusiastic and ended up in… the thistles… I spent the whole afternoon rubbing vinegar on my legs…
  6. I don’t drink Coca-Cola.
  7. I’m a huge sushi and pasta fan!

Here are my answers to your questions, Aleksandra:

1/ Tastes of your childhood. Regular hospital visits but also fun times.

2/ Who was your idol when you were a teenager? Patrick Snijers, a Belgian rally pilot. I didn’t have a clue about cars – let alone driving one but he was tall and handsome… and he waved at me when I took a photograph… 😉

3/ Can you remember anything special (do you have any memories) about your kindergarten/early school classes? Yes, here’s one… It is the only thing I know of… 🙂 My first day was quite interesting really. I even went shopping. For free. Mom had bought me a schoolbag. But I didn’t like it at all. I had seen a much prettier one… One that belonged to a classmate. So I decided to go home with his…I didn’t want to leave him empty-handed so I gave him mine instead… Unfortunately, mom didn’t agree….;)

4/ Your favorite style – what do you like wearing every day? I do like something unique. I’d say something between arty, classic and chic.

5/ What would you do if you could travel in time? Go back to the fifties and the sixties for its fashion.

6/ Three films worth watching (in your opinion). I’m not really a big film watcher but these movies I really liked: ‘As Good as It Gets’ with Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt because of the life lesson we can learn from it. And it truly is hilarious, moving and affecting. ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’. Sometimes, you just need to find the courage and jump… not knowing where you will end up. That’s what this film is about. And on my wishlist the documentary about fashion icon, Iris Apfel… God, I love that woman.

7/ Makeup or no makeup? Little to no makeup.

8/ What would you do if you won the LOTTO? Invest it wisely. Plus starting and running my own charitable foundation.

9/ Radio or TV? Radio

10/ What kind of music don’t you like? I’m open for lots of styles but some like electronic dance do give me a headache…. Sorry guys…

And now it’s my turn to make someone happy today…

Woo hoo !

However, if you are nominated, you will be asked to respect some rules. Click here to find out all about the Liebster Award: What it is, What you should do, etc.

Furthermore, it would be a fair thing to say that I’ve surpassed the 200 followers. Still, I’ve accepted the Liebster. Why? In my opinion it doesn’t matter how many followers you have. 1 or … If someone appreciates what I’m putting down it wouldn’t be very nice of me to turn it down. I will never forget where I came from… from scratch.

And… I can pass it on to other inspiring people who also put a lot of effort in their blog…. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do right now…

In the FASHION, BEAUTY and LIFESTYLE category, the winners are: From Hats To Heels, Laura Von Ka, Style Globo, HeavenZanny’s Skincare and Makup Tips, Fashionandfoodandotherstuff, The thoughts and life of me, The Trendy Diary.

And the winners in the FOOD category are: Hunkiedorie

Finally, the category winners for ART and POETRY: silviadeangelis40, Tal faràs, tal trobaràs 

Congratulations !

And last but not least, here’ s “my homework” (the questions) for the nominees

  • Books or TV?
  • Describe yourself in one word.
  • What is your idea of happiness?
  • What’s your favourite garment and why?
  • What’s your favourite life quote?
  •  Which city do you like the most and why?
  • If you had a really bad day, what’s the one thing that can brighten it up?
  • Who’s your favourite artist?
  •  Why did you start blogging?
  •  What do you like most about blogging?



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45 thoughts on “Third Liebster Award for Lifestyletalks!”

  1. E’ sempre un gran piacere soffermarsi sulle tue variegate e intense pagine
    Cari saluti, silvia

  2. Thanks a lot for answering my questions and ‘advertising’ my blog too.
    I am pleased to learn a bit more about yourself. 🙂
    #3 Funny thing what you did. Myself, I once happened to come back home with a schoolbag which looked exactly like mine, but it was someone else’s. I was surprised why someone had put strange things into my bag and I threw away some of them. Then, to my horror, I realized the bag was not mine. I went back to school and found that student. The name was on the books which were in the schoolbag. I was happy to get my schoolbag back.
    #5 I do love the fashion of the 50s and 60s too. Very femine.
    #6 I’ve seen the movie with J. Nicholson – enjoyed watching it too.
    #7, #9 and #10 – the same with me.
    Good day to you – and happy blogging! 🙂

  3. Thank YOU Aleksandra! Well, I’m very pleased you had some fun reading it all 🙂 Hahaha, loved reading your schoolbag adventure! You should save it for your next Liebster Award! Have a nice day to you too and have lots of fun blogging as well! Love, Bieke

  4. Congratulations, Bieke! Wonderful and well deserved nomination! I’ve spied some parallels: I love sushi and pasta as well and prefer artsy unique fashion. Also don’t like electronic dance… can we call it ‘music’ at all? Haha! (Thank you for your wonderful comments, Bieke!)

    xoxo Ira


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