Awesome 2015 Winter Outfits.

Natan Collection Fall Winter 2015
Natan Collection Fall Winter 2015

Do You Love Or Hate Skirts In Winter?

I hate skirts in Winter. I really do. Even with thick black tights. And nothing could change my mind. Nothing. Until… I saw this.

Even when it’s too freaking cold to go outside… I’d wear this…

Skirts over trousers or the layers reinvented.

Mark my words, we are going to see a lot of it.


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70 thoughts on “Awesome 2015 Winter Outfits.”

  1. I cannot do skirts in the winter! At least not after November. I live in Chicago and the winters here are brutal!

  2. Haha, Bieke I am fine. I see you are busy too :). I hope Cesar is doing fine. But hey, I am now waiting for your Brugge chocolate places recommendations.

  3. I am also not into skirts for winter (actually I barely wear skirts at all) but agree this look is cool, I just had to check this brand out as I have never come across it before. It’s beautiful! Great coats! xx

  4. I find more and more people wearing leggings under their skirts… it looks good and if it keeps you warm, why not… I wouldn’t like a wide leg look xox Thank you for dropping by my blog and commenting xox

  5. Stupendo ed elegante abbinamento, molto apprezzato
    Buon fine settimana e un saluto


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