Street Style!

Peter lifestyletalks

Real Men Wear Polka Dots.

A man wearing polka dots. Really quite exceptional. Just like the wearing of skirts. Men in skirts remain a rare sight on the streets despite ‘the efforts’ of fashion designers.

Maybe, just maybe, dots will do the trick. Dots have that feel-good effect. They make me instantly happy.

I’m so glad I ran into Peter. He’s setting a good example to other men. Plus I truly believe he’s getting away with it.

Why don’t more men wear polka dots?


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39 thoughts on “Street Style!”

  1. Hi Bieke, Peter’s sweater coordinates with the background- and hey if that’s Brugge, why not, that’s such a creative city 🙂 nice sweater, Peter, nice photo, Bieke!

  2. Such a fun sweater and a great post . Polka dots are universal , hence any one can wear them imo :))


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