Must Visit Shops In Bruges No One Told You Before

The Pharmacy (Dryepondt)

The Phamacy lifestyletalks

If you have an annoying, painful food blister after walking around in Bruges go to… pharmacy Dryepondt. It is by far the oldest pharmacy in Bruges (since 1835!) and last but not least most charming and helpful chemist!  

Music To My Ears

Rombaux lifestyletalks

“If music is a place then jazz is the city, folk is the wilderness, rock is the road, classical is the temple.” ― Vera Nazarian.

From classical to jazz: Rombaux has it all. Rombaux is the oldest music shop in Bruges and is known far beyond. This charming shop has over 100 guitars but also bowed strings, pianos, harps… and a large selection of scores and arrangements. A music lovers paradise…

Surprising Men’s Shoes!

Chris Vos lifestyletalks

Chris Vos has a thing for shoes. Moreover, I do not doubt for an instant his passion for shoes. Each shoe he sells is handcrafted. And personalized as you like it. Uniqueness and originality aren’t just fancy buzzwords for Chris, he’s literally driven by it. Would you like to see your name or wedding date embroidered in your shoes? Chris will gladly fulfil it!

A Dream Wedding Dress

We were talking about a wedding date… Do I hear wedding bells ringing? Or is your little princess celebrating her communion? Veerle Praet, a professional couturiere, has the most fabulous gowns I’ve ever seen. The detailing is just exquisite. For an unforgettable day indeed…


Classics lifestyletalks

Vintage and antique enthusiasts should pay a visit to Classics. It’s so much fun to look at all those remarkable pieces… Last time, I spotted a cute vintage trolley with Westies (Yes, my little César) all over it… Adorable!

Authentic Lace Art

't Apostelientje lifestyletalks

Handcrafted antique method lace is so delicately beautiful. The art of making pillow lace requires a lot of skill. The name -pillow lace- refers to women weaving bobbins of cobweb-like thread to and from over a pillow… Bruges was (and still is in a way) renowned for it. Some of that very fine bobbin lace can be found at ‘t Apostelientje.

Dryepondt, Wollestraat 7 – Rombaux, Maleberghplaats 13 – Chris Vos, Ezelstraat 60 – Veerle Praet Couture, Genthof 3 – Classics, Oude Burg 32 – ’t Apostelientje, Balstraat 11


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46 thoughts on “Must Visit Shops In Bruges No One Told You Before”

  1. Bieke, again you gave me some good ideas for next time I will visit Brugge. I have to admit I am always mesmerized by the chocolate shops, that I don’t pay attention to anything else 😌


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