100% Design In Brussels: Unmissable Design Festival!

logo Brussels Design September

In September Brussels breathes design. Every design lover should attend the Brussels Design September at least once in his or her life. This year’s event takes place from September 10th to September 30th (2015).

Are you thinking about pimping out the interior of your home with some cool vintage design objects? Or have you been looking for a Knoll table, a Bertoia or Panton chair,… for a long time with no luck so far? In that case, the renowned Brussels Design Market -aka largest vintage design market of Europe- might just be the place for you… So block off September 12 and 13 on your calendar!

And that’s not all… As a matter of fact, it’s only the beginning… There’s also great Belgian and international contemporary design to discover… The ‘Brussel Is Design’ route gives you a pretty good idea of what young as well as established designers have to offer. Also interesting is the ‘Arts & Crafts’ route promoting Brussels heritage and artisans. If you like attending workshops, exhibitions and lectures then this festival is perfect for you.

Brussels Design Market : Tour & Taxis, 86c avenue du Port, 1000 Brussels (entrance via the Tour & Taxis site). To receive a free ticket for Sunday 13th September register via this link.

Watch the full program over here.


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