Bruges, The Beautiful Medieval City Versus Contemporary Art. Who Wins?

The Tree Huts
The Tree Huts

18 international renowned artists reinvented the city of Bruges…

What if the city of Bruges (Belgium) had to squeeze in an extra 5 million inhabitants? The 5 million equals the number of tourists visiting Bruges every year. How would they live? Here is the surprising answer….


A/ In Tree Huts. It is as if the tree huts are on the lookout…’protecting’ the quiet, lovely Begijnhof. Built high in the branches of the trees really make their presence very subtle, that’s why many passersby do not even notice…

The Adornes Estate
The Adornes Estate

B/ Or in an artificial bonsai sculpture, made out of windows from Chinese demolished houses…This is the absolute favourite of many…

Beguinage Rooms Convent
Beguinage Rooms Convent

Or do the countless historical houses with their raffish charm take the lead?

And the winner is… I’d say… Both! Absolutely! Both go surprisingly well together. There is only one way to found out…Come on over and see for yourself!

The Tree Huts – Where can you find it? Begijnhof – Who’s the creative brain? Tadashi Kawamata, Japan * WU WEI ER WEI (Doing Nothing Doing), the bonsai sculpture – Where can you find it? In front of the Sint-Salvatorcathedral – Who’s the creative brain? Song Dong, China * The Adornes estate, Peperstraat 3 * Rooms Convent, Katelijnestraat 9-19

(Note: this is only a small selection)

Bruges Triennial, until October 18th (2015)


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