Must Visit Food & Drink Spots In Ostend (The Belgian Coast)

A Delicious Healthy Lunch

De Lunchbar lifestyletalks

Veggies….I’m a HUGE fan. You could fairly call it vegetable love. I know this delicious lunch spot in Ostend that focuses on freshly prepared local organic food. If you want to try something surprisingly different, healthy and yummy go to the Lunchbar !

A Well-Deserved Coffee Break

Did you know Belgium’s (2014) best coffee bar is to be found in Ostend? Besides the classics –think espresso, cappuccino, latte- De Familie Jansen also has ‘fun, eccentric coffees’ such as ‘kokoslimoentje’ i.e. a cappuccino of coconut milk, lime and cocoa; the babyccino (a cappuccino with no coffee) or ‘bakkertje anijs’, a doppio espresso with chocolate syrup, steamed milk and anise.

However, if you want to enjoy a great sea view while sipping your coffee or tea with some obligatory homemade gourmet pastry then I would say… Brasserie Albert.

Brasserie Albert lifestyletalks

A (Very) Strong Drink

No, not gin but… Whisky. Whisky is known to be a man’s drink. Whenever I think whisky, I always picture men drinking whisky, smoking cigars and talking business or politics. But apparently… those were the old days. Women also become more and more intrigued by whisky. There are even whisky clubs for women to experience and learn about different whiskies. If you’re not thinking about joining a club just yet but would love to try it then… The Green Man is the best choice for you. The Green Man has over 750 varieties of single malt whisky! Moreover, in 2014 it was awarded the Belgian Wisky Award. (PS, For those who don’t drink alcohol, tea is also served)

Belgian Fries & Waffles ALL-IN-ONE

Georges lifestyletalks

Do you like waffles? Do you like Belgian fries? Is that an absolute YES to both questions? In that case, you need to try the waffle fries from Georges. And no, I’m not talking about the potato version…I’m talking about the sweet, light Brussels waffle cut into fries and served in a paper cone…

De Lunchbar, Groentenmarkt 6 – De Familie Jansen, Mijnplein – Brasserie Albert (Thermae Palace Hotel), Albert I-Promenade (Dogs are only allowed on the terrace!) – The Green Man, Koningsstraat 64 – Tearoom Georges, Adolf Buylstraat 15


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26 thoughts on “Must Visit Food & Drink Spots In Ostend (The Belgian Coast)”

  1. I really enjoy whisky! I would enjoy visiting & joining the club. Every time I read your blog, I want to visit Belgium, but I always share for the social media friends that are able to. I can’t believe I just traveled Europe & did not visit Belgium, shameful.

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely words Lisa! Well, there is always a next time…And if you do come to Belgium…let me know! I will show you around myself with a mandatory stop in The Green Man! 🙂 Love, Bieke

  3. Thanks for making me discover your blog! now I know where to look for inspiration when I come back to Belgium 🙂 Nice post about Oostende too. I guess people know more about the casino, but good to know there are cool little corners with interesting discoveries!


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