Delicious Chocolate Shops You Should Try In Bruges

Patisserie Academie

Bruges has over 55 chocolate shops…. So it’s quite understandable one cannot longer see the wood for the ‘chocolate’ trees. And that’s merely for chocolate… We shouldn’t forget about (chocolate) pastry, should we? 🙂

Patisserie Academie has heavenly pastry… Or should I say heavenly work of art? See for yourself. Here, it is all about pure flavours…. Plus it is the only patisserie that I know of that limits the use of added sugars and butter and the taste is just sensational….It is like an angel peeing on your tongue, a Dutch way of saying that it is really, really good!

If you’re looking for chocolate that will totally ‘blow’ your mind… l would recommend you The Chocolate Line. To give you a small impression of the ‘exotic’ chocolate selection you can choose from: ‘Cannabis’ with hemp seeds, ‘Green Tokyo’ with marzipan of wasabi, Saké with Japanese rice wine and this could go on for a while. Be prepared to be amazed.  

Green Tokyo
Green Tokyo

I cannot deprive you of the traditional – classic ‘pralines’ for which Belgium is famous for… so here are two more… Chocolaterie Sukerbuyc and Dumon Chocolates. Sukerbuyc or Sugarbelly in English is without doubt the oldest chocolate boutique of Bruges ! The shop exists since 1977 ! The city of Bruges even has its very own chocolate, The Bruges Swan. One of the main ingredients is the Bruges biscuit, Dentelles de Bruges. Ask for it in both shops !

Images with the courtesy of Patisserie Academie and The Chocolate Line. Thank you.

Patisserie Academie, Vlamingstraat 56 – The Chocolate Line, Simon Stevinplein 19 – Chocolaterie Sukerbuyc, Katelijnestraat 5 – Dumon Chocolates, Simon Stevinplein 11


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28 thoughts on “Delicious Chocolate Shops You Should Try In Bruges”

  1. Hi Carmen! Thank you! Brussels is great as well! If you’re a chocolate lover -like me :)- check out my post ‘Must Visit Shops In Brussels #2’! Have fun in Brussels! Love, Bieke

  2. Brugge – oooooh schone stad. Ik werk samen met iemand uit Brugge. Kwam daar geregelde tijd veel. En chocolade was een van de dingen waar ik voor ging windowshoppen ! Groetjes uit Antwerpen


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