Street Style!

MysteryWoman lifestyletalks

Mystery Woman, Chloe.

Unfortunately I lost my notes….I looked everywhere but I couldn’t find them…

I must have mislaid them among some papers… So if our mystery woman is reading this, she may always tell us something more about herself…

And… So she did… Her name is Chloe. Read her ‘story in a nutshell’ in the comments below and discover the adventure that awaits her!


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23 thoughts on “Street Style!”

  1. Her name is Chloe 🙂 She’s into travelling, cultures, languages, fashion, food and wine, works in Brussels, goes to cookery school & wishes to own her own restaurant someday, can’t get enough of the vibe of big cities like Brussels & is moving to Stockholm in the Summer! In a nutshell 🙂

  2. Hi Chloe! What a great surprise! I’m so glad you got in touch! So nice to read some facts about you! And I wish you the very, very best in Stockholm! Love, Bieke


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