Street Style!

Misaki lifestyletalks


I had the pleasure to meet Misaki from Nagoya, Japan at the Cats Festival in Ypres (Belgium).

The festival is a parade devoted to the cat. It has its roots in the Middle Ages where the city jester threw living cats from the belfry tower of The Cloth Hall to kill the evil spirits.

Japanese have a tremendous love for the cat. Cat cafés, cat girls, cat islands,… They are inherent in Japans’ history and culture since ages. Cats have something holy and are believed to bring good fortune and wealth.

Notice Misaki’s transparent skirt with cats.



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24 thoughts on “Street Style!”

  1. Hello, nice to meet you Rachel! Ypres is mainly known for the heavy battles it endured during World War I. Nevertheless, the Cats Festival becomes more and more popular. This year, there were about 55.000 visitors. Bieke


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