Awesome Summer Outfits – Look 5


Back To The Sixties. Show Those Legs !

One of the biggest impacts on contemporary fashion that started in the sixties was the introduction of the mini skirt or the mini dress.

The ‘mini’ was often paired with tights or go-go boots, in order to cover up the legs in a fashionable way.

A real fashion sensation was born… So today, I’m going for an… A line mini dress with… a pair of mules.

  1. AKIN TO___, mini dress
  2. & Other Stories, Perforated High Heel Mules
  3. & Other Stories, Twist Lock Leather Bag,

More coming up…So stay tuned!



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28 thoughts on “Awesome Summer Outfits – Look 5”

  1. Hi Gail! Well to be honest the mini has been seen for the first time at 5400-4700 B.C.! And there is also Josephine Baker in the 20s with her famous -or should I say notorious- banana mini skirt! But it was in the sixties that the mini caused a true fashion revolution. Bieke.


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