(Meat)Balls & Glory

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Queuing With Pleasure For Trendy Meatballs

Belgians (in general) love the classic ‘meatballs in tomato sauce’. In this case, however, forget about the traditional meatball. Wim Ballieu -a foodie in heart and soul- came up with the original idea to fill the meatballs with a creamy stuffing. Each meatball is locally produced and handcrafted.

lifestyletalksThe GIANT meatballs are served with salad or ‘stoemp’ and two kinds of delicious hot sauce. ‘Stoemp’ consists of pureed or mashed potatoes and other vegetables. And for the vegetarians among us…veggie balls are available! With free water and fruit on the table.

Balls & Glory lifestyletalksThe great industrial-styled interior makes everything all the more trendy and cool!

In 2013, Balls & Glory was awarded the Golden Palm i.e. an international Foodservice Award.

Tip: Go early! If not it is entirely up to you: to queue or not to queue. And queuing it is…;) If you decide not to queue: takeaway is another option.

Where to go? Balls & Glory, Jakobijnenstraat 6, Ghent or Godefriduskaai 30, Antwerp. Brussels is coming soon!


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