Awesome Spring Outfits – Look 1


1 & 2
1 & 2

Have you noticed the lengthening days? I sure have. It is a sign spring is nearly on its way… Great ! We can almost put our heavy winter coat back where it belongs…in the closet.

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.“ (Coco Chanel)

Funky Sweet Lace


A romantic white lace dress is one of the hottest trends for this spring… Now, I’m going for something slightly different…Adding some spice…

  1. Natan Couture, Edouard Vermeulen, Short jacket in lace and silk faille
  2. Natan Couture, Edouard Vermeulen, Pencil skirt in lacquered lace and lace applications
  3. Atelier Marchal, Candy handbag, Red Patent Leather
  4. United Nude, Fold Hi shoes, Crystal red + bleu + black,,

Let me know what you think: hate it or rate it?

More to come! So stay tuned…


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