Must Visit Shops in Brussels # 2

A Quick Snack

Mer du Nord/Noordzee
Mer du Nord/Noordzee

1/ Looking for a quick, healthy snack? Well then outdoor fishbar ‘Mer du Nord/Noordzee’ is the place to go! Try the fish soup!

Fish Soup Mer du Nord/Noordzee
Fish Soup Mer du Nord/Noordzee

2/ Boulangerie Charli for its freshly made traditional organic breads and sandwiches.

3/ Le temps des Tartines for its home-made ‘baguettes’ and pastries.

4/ Pistolet Original is a bar where only ‘pistolets’ or Belgian style bread rolls are served. For many Belgians a crunchy ‘pistolet’ is the breakfast favourite on Sunday morning. You can have it with shrimp salad, camembert, minced meat with pickles, roast beef,… or the classic burger for the fans.


Taverne Espérance
Taverne Espérance

Taverne L’Espérance because of its architectural Art Deco style. One of the few remaining Art Deco Pearls of the city. Relive the nostalgic Charleston years !

Sweets for Your Sweet – Luxury Belgian Chocolate, Pastry & Biscuits

Maison Wittamer
Maison Wittamer

What’s the favourite sweet treat of your boy/girlfriend? A box of Chocolates or pastries? Maison Wittamer is an authority in Brussels when it comes to that. It has a savoir-faire of over 100 years and La Maison has even been appointed “Supplier to the Court of Belgium”! Because life can always be sweeter…Even for Royals.

Or does she/he prefer the Brussels Waffle and ‘Speculoos’ biscuits? No problem, we know where to go: Maison Dandoy. Maison Dandoy has been declared as Brussels best biscuits-maker.…The biscuits are made by hand with care and passion. And that’s exactly what you taste.


Mer du Nord/Noordzee, rue Ste Catherine 45 – Boulangerie Charli, rue Sainte Catherine 34 – Le Temps des Tartines, rue du Midi 71 – Pistolet Original, rue Joseph Stevensstraat 24-26 (Sablon district) – Taverne Espérance, rue du Finistère/Finisterraestraat 1-3 – Maison Wittamer, Place du Grand Sablon – Maison Dandoy, rue Charles Buls 14 (near The Grand Place)

Thanks to JPDOMD2013 (Pinterest) for the picture of Taverne L’Espérance !


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2 thoughts on “Must Visit Shops in Brussels # 2”

  1. We had some amazing fish soup in Belgium a couple of years back – still want to go back and have some more. Will make a stop to Maison Wittaker again of course as well 🙂


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