Stunning Red Carpet Look

Front of the Dress with Cape

She’ll be the envy of other women

For some Vintage is the same as a stuffy, old rag. Well everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I’m about to prove them wrong with this…

But first, what makes Vintage so special? Nowadays a lot of clothes (especially fast fashion) are plain and boring, looking all the same. Vintage on the other hand is unique, one of a kind. Back then Innovative and ahead of time. Real Work of Art. The finishing touches applied by hand. Mainly using quality fabrics with beautiful prints. Even contemporary fashion designers still get their inspiration from ‘historical’ fashion. And last but not least – now comes the fun part ! – there’s a 99% certainty you will be the ONLY ONE wearing it !

…magnificent Haute Couture Vintage Evening Dress with Cape from the 70’s designed by a French-Italian designer renowned for his glamour party dresses. Dress and cape are made of purple silk jersey. Hence, soft and comfortable to wear. This dress requires little accessories because of the beautiful hand crochet detailing with crystal beads.

Back of the dress

Did you fall in love with this stunning dress? Send me an email ( and I will gladly send you the seller’s contact details. (We don’t want the world to know, do we? :))


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