Dear Michèle… Who’s Michèle??

MichèleYou’ve already met my little César. And you know where I live. About time to reveal something new… Don’t you think?… Meet one of my best friends, Michèle!

Michèle is a yoga teacher. She is so very zen…and so very, very flexible. She puts her leg in her neck in a snap so to speak while I’m even struggling to get my leg up. 🙂 But one thing is for sure: yoga is the best (and healthiest! – no pills!) medicine to relieve stress, tension,… and even physical pain.Her life mantra is: ‘Live in the moment, pursue full consciousness’. It will give you a much richer and fuller life. How can you do that? By practising yoga, meditation or mindfulness in a club. Or you can start by doing one thing at a time, slowly. Don’t make a too tight schedule. Do only what’s important. Stop worrying about the future. Be optimistic. Enjoy someone’s company and listen, don’t just talk. Do something you’ve never done before but sounds interesting to you : take art lessons, join a book club,…Take the time to do nothing and notice the world around you: enjoy the sun, look at the birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees,…and breathe!

About two weeks ago, I saw this leopard print jumpsuit. And Michèle came to mind… I always thought that a leopard print would look great on her but didn’t know if she would be open to it. I decided to give it a try. And… here’s the result… She looks so effortlessly stunning! I’m pretty sure that jumpsuit was made for her!

Lots of love to you Michèle!

(Who said Walloons and Flemish don’t get along? lol)


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